Meet the artist - Dan Lynch

Dan Lynch

Dan Lynch is an artist currently working in Chicago, IL. He graduated from the Metalsmithing & Jewelry Department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2016.

Pipe Earrings

Vent Brooch

I was happily surprised by the amount of friends/past studio mates from college that wanted to participate, and Dan Lynch is one of the many MASSART alumni in the Guidelines project. Many, like myself, have moved away from Boston and left that inspiring environment provided to us at MASSART.  Sharing studio space with other artists in or out of college can help push us as artists to create more work, collaborate, and take chances. I have a strong memory of Dan in the J&M studio of him hard at work at his bench, ear plugs in, looking determined to complete something new! He is very experimental, on top of making beautifully crafted sterling silver pieces, Dan works with materials such as resin, grout, gouache, and found objects. Dan is not afraid of color and making fun, but beautiful work. Im looking forward to see what he comes up with!

Blue Brooch

What interested you in being apart of the Guidelines project?

"Outside of school, I have found it hard to stay motivated and inspired to produce new, thoughtful work. When I do sit down to make something new, I often shut down an idea that doesn't feel worth it. I am participating in this project as a reason to loosen up and embrace the surprises that come up in the making process. By following the guidelines Brie has put in place I plan to spend less time worrying why and more time thinking about what."

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