2nd Guideline - Create a piece of Jewelry from an object found on your walk.

Update: the guidelines project is still tugging along!

Go for a walk outside on a Sunday, rain or shine.  Begin your walk outside your home, walk a mile, and pick up an object you see on your walk. This object can be anything found, nothing purchased.  Take a picture of your object where you found it before picking it up, this photo will be displayed with your final product. Bring your found object back and create a piece of jewelry.

This second guideline, similar to the first is pretty straightforward.  This time I am having each artist take a look at their surroundings... their outdoor surroundings that is. Its all about location, each piece will vary depending on where the artist lives. Someone who resides in a city may confront more "trash" than someone who lives more rural. 

This second guideline gives the artists a chance to really be creative with how they interpret their final piece.  I did not specify what kind of jewelry they are to create, this is up to them. So unlike the first guideline, I'm hoping to expect a variety; necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings etc. They may have chosen to use the object(s) they found to create the wearable piece or just take inspiration from their findings. This was not specified in the guideline. 

Some of the artists have begun sharing process photos with me and through social media. If you would like to follow the project more closely, use one of these two hashtags to do so, #whengiventhesameguidelines or #guidelinesproject.

Here are a few little sneaky peeks for you to check out!!