Meet the Artist - Shelby Goldsmith

Shelby Goldsmith

I'm so glad Shelby is on board as one of the artists in the project! I first met Shelby while studying at MASSART. The jewelry & metalsmithing departments at MECA and MASSART would come together once a year to do a cross-critique on a shared assignment we all took part in. Interesting that this is how we first met, participating in a "given guideline" through an assignment by our professors to come together and discuss the outcomes. Shelby is a fantastic artist; I remember when first seeing her work, feeling like her brooches reminded me of objects that could be found in folklore / fairy tales, fragments of what something once was. They are beautifully crafted and are truly whimsical, I'm looking forward to the pieces she creates from the given guidelines.

Shelby Goldsmith is a jewelry artist living in Maine. She earned her BFA in Metalsmithing & Jewelry (‘14) from Maine College of Art, where she teaches occasional Continuing Studies courses. She was recently awarded The Belvedere Fund to outfit her home studio. She serves as the secretary to The Metals Collective; a Portland, ME based group of makers whose mission is to promote their craft through public engagement by exhibiting their work regularly. Her work explores themes of memory, loss, and preservation.

What interested you in being apart of the Guidelines project?

"As an emerging maker who completed their undergrad not too long ago, I was intrigued by the idea of being given an assignment once again."

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