Meet the Artist - Melissa Gisele

Melissa Gisele

"As an artist, I work to create a collection of jewelry that evokes a sense of simplicity and flow. I am intrigued by the intimacy of jewelry making; from working closely with metal using tools, to the connection of the piece and the client. I want to create powerful jewelry that gives the wearer a feeling of comfort and confidence. Every piece is made with careful consideration of design and wearability.
My muse; the mountains, lakes, and rivers, constantly teach me the power of simplicity. The reflection of birds flying across a still lake. The zig zag pattern of snowy mountain peaks. The texture of ice accumulating on the roots of a tree cascading into a river. I am inspired by these moments in time so much so that I can feel like I can breathe more deeply when I am experiencing it. These moments are like fuel for my artwork. I highlight nature’s perfect curation of simplicity, repetition, and texture into my jewelry designs.
My current work is bold yet simple. I use clean lines followed by a beaded wire to create movement. Pointed slopes; like mountain peaks or the tip of a leaf, are prevalent throughout my work. I like to use circle and pear shaped stones because they convey a feeling of calmness. I am challenging myself in this new collection by cutting, shaping, and polishing the gemstones. I am also exploring new shapes and lines then previous collections. All of the metalsmithing is done using traditional techniques. Each gemstone is thoughtfully cut and polished to an exact shape; the metal work being the perfect vessel for the vibrant gem."

What interested you in being apart of the Guidelines project?

"After studying at MassArt and working in Boston, I packed my car and drove out to California. I followed my California Dream but left my art community I created in Boston. I live in a small mountain town now so I can create my art but also continue to explore the wilderness. I would never leave the mountains because I love to escape with my dogs whenever I please but the only downside is that I am hours away from art museums and galleries and there is literally no "art scene" where I live. I want to join this group to connect with other makers outside of my mountain bubble and continue to challenge myself with new projects and new ideas."

Melissa is another MASSART grad! I enjoyed reconnecting with her to find that we both left Boston and ended up living in much more rural areas, taking in the mountains around us and going on long hikes between working in our studios. It's a big change to go from living in a city full of art and people, to live far away from anything familiar. Everyone chooses their own adventure in life, and I've enjoyed watching her jewelry grow; her love of stones and little details of the outdoors like mountain peaks are translated through her hands into the wonderful wearable work she creates.   I can't wait to see how her surroundings inspire and or affect her work for each guideline. 

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