Meet the Artist - Kelsey Larsen McQuown

Kelsey Grape 

Kelsey Larsen McQuown is an artist currently relocating to the Leelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan.  Kelsey's work centers around the reimagining of traditional metalworking techniques and is inspired by her exploration of this ever-changing world we all call home. 

Shoreline Necklace

Like Shira Brooks, I first met Kelsey down in Atlanta at the American Craft Council Show. I was lucky to have her as one of my neighbors in the emerging artist Hip Pop booth. Kelsey's work is unique in the way she uses a historical technique in a more modern way. Filigree is a type of jewelry/metalworking process made with tiny beads or twisted wire or both. Kelsey hand twists and solders delicate gold and fine silver wire together and then frames the filigree inside of bold modern shapes. Her work is classic and contemporary all at the same time, and I know she's going to create some magic for each of the Guidelines!

What interested you in being apart of the Guidelines project?

"I’ve recently moved from a shared space to working completely on my own. In many ways it is an exciting change, but I do miss the moments of collective inspiration that can happen when working alongside other artists. I am participating in this project as way to insert more playfulness and creative thinking into my everyday process. I am very excited to see how the project develops."

Sunrise Cuff


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