Meet the Artist - Alanna June Robbins

Alanna June Robbins

Alanna Robbins is an artist and metalsmith based out of Boston, MA.  Her work centers around her own social, economic and romantic endeavors in an attempt to break down these social insecurities. Through the use of traditional metal construction, Alanna makes wearable adornments that require a performer and a bystander's interaction to not only activate the object but to create the public spectacle as well. Alanna is a Mass Cultural Council 2017 finalist in crafts and an Adjunct Instructor in Jewelry and Metals at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 

What interested you in being apart of the Guidelines project?

"While in an academic setting guidelines are like your "fish bowl", they are there for you to grow into, push up against, and when your ready, break down. They push you to create in a way that you otherwise wouldn't have, and ultimately this makes you learn more about yourself, and why you "make" the way you do. In the wake of my academic years, I have often found myself yearning for some constraints and DEADLINES! I'm not sure what I will end up producing during this challenge, but I am excited to find out!"

Alanna is one of my closest friends who constantly amazes me. Not only does she make crazy-cool work, Alanna is the perfect example of someone living the Artist Hustle. She teaches workshops at Metalwerx and also works as their marketing and special events coordinator, is a gallery educator for Family Programs at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, teaches night classes in the Jewelry department at MASSART,  and works as an artist assistant for Venetia Dale. I'm so happy she is going to find time to participate in this project. Alanna already sent me some sketches and ideas for the first guideline, so I know she's going to come up with some fantastic pieces! Who's excited!?!?!

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