Meet the Artist - Adriana Decastro

Adriana Decastro

What interested you in being apart of the Guidelines project?

"I have found that life after academia is very unstructured and so when I read “When given the same guidelines” I thought YES. It brought me right back to SoLewitt’s large scale work which inspired me at MASS MoCA. I feel as though this Guidelines project not only gives us the structure we all used to thrive under but also brings us together as a creative community. Starting my wearable jewelry line and selling at shows has taken up a lot of time physically and mentally. I need to remember what I love about jewelry so much so I can continue to be inspired to make meaningful work and I believe this project will be a perfect start."
"A jeweler + metalsmith + knitter + overall maker, and 2016 graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston where I studied and received my BFA in Jewelry + Metalsmithing. I work part time at Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA where I teach jewelry workshops.
My work is informed by a combination of organic and geometric forms and textures. I am drawn to opposites and oppositions, especially the push and pull between forces. I examine their coexistence and how that might transform one another. Angles-curves, dark- light, open-closed, artificial-natural. Symmetry has also been a strong aspect in my work. I recently became interested in making objects that have movement or are intended to be touched, held, or manipulated."

When I read Adriana's response to the question I asked each artist, about why they are doing the project, I said "Yes!" and did a little fist-pump. This is because the second post of this blog I wrote about how a friend of mine showed me Sol LeWitt, whose instructions when I shared my ideas on this project. I've definitely gotten inspiration from his work as this project has developed, so I'm happy the Guidelines made Adriana think of Sol LeWitt's work as well. Adriana currently works in the Admissions/ Museum Shop, as well as an Instructor at the Fuller Craft Museum. 

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