Project Introduction!

Hello, and welcome to the blog of my new passion project! 

"When Given the Same Guidelines..."

Bringing contemporary jewelers from across the country that are no longer immersed in an Academia setting to engage in various assignments with other emerging or full time jewelers to ultimately break out of our immediate communities and engage in a broader conversation.

Now let me begin with, this is still an idea at this point... BUT I'm feeling pretty determined to make it happen. I've gotten 10 jewelers who expressed interest without fully knowing what the project is really all about. So earlier this evening I sent them all out a lengthy email explaining why I want to make this a reality, what the project IS, and begged them to be a part of it. That last part isn't 100% true, but I am hoping at least a few of them will want to participate. If you read this and think, hey I want to be a part of this too, then please send me an email, or DM me on instagram! I want to try and keep participation to 10 Jewelers for this first run of the project,  but I could be open to more.



Im sure you're probably dying to know, what IS the project all about? 

Participating jewelers will follow 3 sets of Guidelines to create 3 different pieces of Jewelry. The final product must be “Jewelry”, but does not have to be wearable. All jewelry must be handmade. The project will run over the course of three months beginning in June, giving artists one month to complete each piece of jewelry. At the end of each month, I'm asking each artist to send me images of their final product. I will be posting those here for you all to see, along with process shots, drawings, artist highlights and more. I will also be proposing our final works as an exhibition to a gallery to have a final show So check back soon for more updates! I'm excited to get this project moving, and jewelers making.